Akzeptkonto n BANK acceptance account
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n <Bank> acceptance account
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acceptance (bills payable, US) account;
Akzeptkredit acceptance credit;
Akzeptobligo acceptance liability, (Bilanz) bills (trade, acceptances) receivable (US);
Akzeptobligobuch acceptor’s ledger, bills payable book (US);
Akzeptprovision accepting (acceptance) commission, commission for acceptance;
Akzeptschulden acceptance commitments, (Bilanz) trade account receivables (US);
Akzeptschuldner acceptance debtor, drawee;
Akzeptumlauf bills in circulation;
Akzeptverbindlichkeiten acceptance commitments, bills (trade acceptances) receivable (US);
Akzeptverbindlichkeiten der Kundschaft (Bilanz) customers’ liability on acceptances;
mit Akzeptvermerk versehen to provide with acceptance;
Akzeptverpflichtung acceptance liability;
Akzeptverweigerung non-acceptance, dishono(u)r;
Akzeptvorlage presentment for acceptance.

Business german-english dictionary. 2013.

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